Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BitTorrent over HTTP

Sometimes your computer may be behind a proxy, or your ISP may be blocking bittorrent traffic, making you unable to use P2P bittorrent protocol. Torrific provides an awesome solution for such situations. This website accepts a link to a torrent file and then almost in no time they expose the contents of the torrent as direct HTTP downloads free of charge. It's still in Alpha stage, but worked fine for all the files I downloaded so far.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Math puzzles to beef up your brain

Today I accidentally came across a few interesting math puzzles and tried to solve them. Here's one which put me in trouble.

"The following is what seems to be a mathematical proof that ten equals 9.999999.... What's wrong with it?

               a =  9.999999...
10a = 99.999999...
10a - a = 90
9a = 90
a = 10 "

You can find more puzzles here - many of them are straightforward though.
Give it a try. Good luck!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Project epZilla - recent events...

After a couple of months of silence, events are happening once again for Project epZilla. This time, we've moved the official project website to http://www.epzilla.org.

We've also updated the website with more recent happenings, including our paper presentation in ICTer 2010 conference held in Colombo. The paper we presented - 'Scalable fault tolerant architecture for Complex event processing systems' is now available at IEEE Xplore digital library.