Saturday, December 4, 2010

Solution to the Lenovo G530 Display flickering problem

I've been using a Lenovo G530 laptop for more than an year now. Recently it started having some display problems. The display started to flicker at random intervals, especially when playing videos. Initially it was not irritating as it occurred only rarely until the last week. However during the last few days it occurred so frequently that I just couldn't watch any videos, so I was trying to diagnose the problem.

I was a bit disappointed as the symptoms suggested that the problem can most probably be with the video adapter, which requires replacing of the main-board.

I found a solution to a similar issue posted as a comment to a review here, which says that the problem occurs when the video cable running from main-board to the display loosens. However, I was not quite sure whether it is the same problem my laptop was having, since the problem often occurred only when playing full-screen videos. So to figure out where the problem was, I plugged an external monitor to the laptop and tried playing a video. The monitor was displaying it smoothly while the laptop's display was continuously flickering. Obviously, the problem was not with the video adapter, but with either the LCD display or the video cable running from main-board to the display.

The video cable starts from underneath the keyboard, so I disassembled the power-board, key-board and reseated the display cable and tested whether the problem is still there... Luckily, it was no longer there and now it is working without any problems!

I found that many G530 users are having this problem and many of the forum posts asking this question don't have the correct solution mentioned. If you've also faced such an issue, you'll find this forum post really useful.


  1. We purchased 78 of these machines. We have experienced a high failure rate with them. We keep having to send them in for repairs. Our salespeople are not all all happy with them.

  2. I think the overall build quality is not very good (the norm for budget machines these days), so the internal components can loosen and cause problems. I've seen that this display issue has occurred in many G530s. Also the hard drive bay is a bit large & can cause the HDD to shake when moving. So, apparently it's not good at all for the rough use.

    But apart from this display issue my machine didn't have any other issues for almost 2 years now.

  3. i have lenovo g530 model and i also got the problems of display flickering. after two three months i got the solution thats very simple. i have made a post about what i have done. if you someone want to see then visit myblog.