Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moving to Airtel HSPA

I've had a Dialog Mobile Broadband (HSPA) connection for an year now. I don't have much to complain about its connectivity issues like most of the others do. But definitely I'm not satisfied with their service....It's too costly for what they offer.

They have a very unreal fair usage policy - After the downloads exceed 5GB, the speed goes down to 384kbps and then after 6GB....it becomes 64kbps! That's totally useless stone-age connection and it always remembers me how I went online in 2002 with a dial-up modem. What can you accomplish with a 64kbps dial-up like connection?

I waited for some time thinking that they will change their FUP to be more practical, but it never seemed to happen. Now that the time has come for a change and today I bought an Airtel HSPA connection. Here are the speeds they promise they are offering:

Downloads upto 10 GB -> 1.8 Mbps downlink (384 kbps uplink)
10 GB - 40 GB -> 512 kbps downlink
40 GB onwards -> 256 kbps downlink

This looks to be a much more usable connection compared to the Dialog's one. Both connections have the same tariff rates. I haven't tested the connection yet.... But hope this will produce a better Mobile Broadband experience.