Sunday, December 20, 2009

Total Freedom

Recently I accidentally found a completely new software license called WTFPL. It is a license which is dedicated to deliver true freedom and to make the lives of the people easier.

Initially I thought this was something created just for fun, but that was not the case. I found several real open source projects licensed under WTFPL. :D

At a glance, it appeared to me as this license should be compatible with most of the other licenses as it allows you to do whatever you want (I'm avoiding the original way used by the license creator to say this :P).

When I first read GPL and BSD license statements, I couldn't understand anything. I had to find articles written in simple language which explain what the licenses were all about. But this is much more simpler. Obviously, this is the first license I understood at the first glance. :P

So if you're concerned about giving total freedom to the users/developers, then WTFPL is something you should consider when you decide a license for your project. Seriously.